Happy 1st birthday my rainbow 🌈 baby

My darling Zoe,

I know this blog post wouldn’t mean so much to you now, because you may never remember your first birthday. But this day means so much to us so….

I remembered that morning i woke up to take a pregnancy test as i’ve missed my period for just a day and i was suspecting pregnancy. Behold, i got a faint positive result; i repeated the test in 3days and this time the lines turned dark almost immediately.

I and your dad were so excited but anxious. We knew we wanted you so badly but weren’t ready to go through all the terrible experiences that had happened in the last 2 years.

Your dad kept telling me things will be fine and indeed everything turned out beautiful. I never had any cause for concern all through your stay in my tummy.

Your conception and birth has shown i and your dad that God is God, he changeth not and he does things in his own time. You are truly a MIRACLE BABY and we are so glad you’re ours!

You’ve brought us so much joy our rainbow baby. We love you so much and we pray God bless and cause his face to shine upon you forever.

With love,

Mummy X Daddy❤️❤️

10 thoughts on “Happy 1st birthday my rainbow 🌈 baby

  1. Happy birthday cutie, am glad God made everything beautiful in His time, you have come to stay and nothing will cut your life short, your parent will always have reasons to rejoice over your existence.

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