How to tolerate a narcissistic individual

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Today we’ll be talking about how to better understand a narcissistic person and how to tolerate them.

Can anyone ever learn to tolerate a narcissist, what’s she saying? Read on my dears 😘

Who is a narcissist?

A narcissist is a person that views himself/herself completely different from other people; hence, making others around them look or feel unimportant. They feel the world revolves around them alone and everything must be done to put them in limelight at all cost.

Narcissist play the poorly abused victims while in truth they are wreaking havoc by maltreating, torturing and abusing those that they’ve fooled into loving them.

Having said that, most of us have narcissist in our lives, he/she could be; ones boss, partner, colleague, friends or a family member. These people are sick and disordered people who will destroy you if you let them.

I’ll say it’s best to distance (no contact, limited contact and emotionally limited contact) yourself from them as soon as you notice the above signs.

Thanks for reading as always 😘😘

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