Lipstick hacks to help your lipstick last longer

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Your lipstick has the ability to boost your makeup look, you draw lots of attention to yourself with it. The one thing that’s common amongst lipstick lovers is knowing how to make your lipstick last longer.

The ideal lipstick is one that doesn’t do smudge and fade in couple of hours, though there isn’t any magical lipstick that last forever, but I’m positive these tips will help your lipstick last longer;

  • Exfoliate- A soft toothbrush and some lip scrub is all you need to do this and you’re done. Exfoliation help get rid of chapped lips and also makes your lipstick application process smoother.
  • Moisturize- Apply small amount of lip balm on your lips after exfoliating. It prevents your lipstick from flaking.
  • Swipe on the first layer of lipstick– Swipe on a small amount of lipstick on your lips, smack continuously to blend the lipstick properly.
  • Blot- Place a thin single piece of tissue paper on your lips, then dab a fluffy powder brush into a loose powder, pat over the tissue on your lips to remove excess oil from your lips and leaving you with a clean finish.
  • Swipe on the second layer of lipstick- Apply a second layer of lipstick for a brighter impact and blot again.

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