When to toss your makeup

Hello beauties, welcome to my blog! How’s everyone doing?

Knowing the adequate time to bin a beauty product is an essential aspect of your beauty routine; some products have longer shelf life than others, so if you notice a change in consistency or a weird smell its best you replace so as to save your face/ body from beauty related infections.

Below are suggested guidelines by experts for when to discard a beauty product:

  • Loose and pressed powder: These products should be replaced at most after 2years
  • Liquid/cream foundation: Foundations should be used for 1 year approximately.
  • Powder blush: Replace 6months-1year.
  • Lip gloss: This beauties are meant to be replaced after 6months.
  • Lipstick: Discard lipstick between 6months-1year or even sooner if you notice it has become flaky or dry.
  • Nail polish: Toss after 1-2years or sooner if it becomes difficult to use (dry and sticky).
  • Eyeshadow and eye pencils: This products should be tossed between 6months-1year.
  • Mascara and liquid eyeliner: Replace products at most every 3months. And if you use them more often, you should replace them sooner.

Bonus tips:

• Adding foreign substance to your beauty products such as oil, water e.t.c can cause microbial growth, leaving such product unhygienic.

• Sharpen pencils more often to keep them fresh.

Having said that, tossing beauty products can be difficult, especially if you’ve spent so much on them. But, it best we adhere to these guidelines for our own good beauties.

With love

Orentenimi 😘

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