Makeup storage and organization guide

Hello beautiful people, welcome to my blog!

I’ll be sharing with you all, hacks on how to store and organize your makeup.

Whether you are a beginning makeup artist, beauty blogger, or you’re just starting out in your exploration of makeup, we all have one thing in common-LOVE FOR MAKEUP.

Organizing your makeup save you plenty of time and money; imagine finally being able to find that concealer you’ve been looking for, instead of buying it again and later discovering that you have 2 other tubes of the same shade.

Here’s a guide to help you organize your makeup:

  • Bring it all out- Dump every bit of makeup you own on a table or on the floor. You will be amazed to see how much product has been tucked away in your makeup drawer, box, bag or purse.
  • Throw away bad product- Check for products that smells weird or changed in consistency, put them in the bin so they don’t cause breakouts or irritates your skin. I know it’s not an easy decision to make as I’m guilty of holding on to products for too long especially the ones on the high side.
  • Clean them all- Give all your makeup products a good clean; you can use a disinfectant wipe to do this.
  • Keep products in a precise order- whether you use a drawer, makeup box or a makeup purse; keeping things organized rather than going through a ton of products randomly makes your makeup process easier. Put products in categories- eyeshadow palettes should be separated from lipsticks and so on.

I hope you found my guide helpful, and perhaps you have any additional tips that you’ve learnt, be sure to comment down below so others can learn.

Thanks for reading!

With love Orentenimi 😘😘

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