The ultimate guide for choosing the perfect foundation shade

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Foundations would give you a perfect, flawless complexion if rightly picked or it can give the opposite effect when you get it wrong.

Here’s a guide on how to choose a perfect foundation shade:

  • Know your skin tone: Your skin tone is simply the natural color of your complexion which ranges from: light, medium and deep. Holding a mirror in front of you can tell your skin tone, all you have to do is to is focus on your jawline to get a true idea of what your skin tone is, reason being that the skin in that area is impacted the least by skin changes.
  • Know your undertone: Undertones are colors from underneath the skin surface that affects your overall look. The 3 main skin undertones are: warm, cool and neutral. It is possible to have same skin tone with someone but a different undertone which is the reason the same foundation shade looks perfect on your friend with same skin tone as you and not so good on you.

The wrist test will help you find your undertone:

Purple or blue color of veins on your wrist means your undertone is cool.

Green or olive color veins means warm undertone.

If you’re unable to come up with a dominant color, then you’re neutral.

  • Match foundation shades on your skin: Choose 2 foundation shades closest to your skin color, test foundation on your skin using the pad of your index finger and blend on into your jawline. If the area to which you applied the foundation still matches the rest of the skin on your face and neck then it’s perfect, and if the foundation area appears lighter or darker than the rest of your skin then you need to keep searching.
  • Consider your skin challenges: You should put your skin type into consideration when shopping for a foundation. If you have a acne prone skin, stay away from heavy pancake foundations that can clog your pores, choose a light weight foundation instead and if you have a sensitive skin opt for a non comedogenic or fragrance free foundation.

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