4 lipstick shades every woman should own

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Buying lipsticks can be so addictive and i know it gets more difficult when there are so many shades we want to try. I have put together in this post 4 lipstick colors every woman should own.

Nude lipstick

A nude lipstick is sure a makeup kit staple. It is perfect for your simple everyday glam, gives a subtle but chic statement and a youthful look. Searching for the right nude lipstick entails a lot, as some ladies thinks a nude lipstick shade should just be similar to their skintone or anything neutral.

If you’ll ask me, I’ll say; when picking a nude lipshade stay somewhere between your skintone (not to light, not too dark), plus there’s a variety of texture to consider when searching for one, such as; glossy, matte and creamy balms and they all give different finish.

A classic red lipstick

A red lipstick is a must have in your makeup arsenal, you can never go wrong with this shade of lipstick as it matches almost every outfit you choose to wear and it makes you feel sexy and naughty. I’m not really a fan of a red lipstick shade though, but it has been and it is an asset to many iconic women and i do not see it fading off anytime soon. You should try it out too!


Pink lipsticks are trendy and fun to try everyday wear whether you’re in for a baby pink or soft coral. If you’ve got your eye on any pink lipstick, you should go wear it with pride.


If you want in on the dramatic super dark lip trend, then a burgundy lipstick is the perfect thing to opt for. With burgundy lipstick you do not have to take your skintone into account as it looks great on a variety of skin tones.

Let me know in the comments section if you have any recommendations that i forgot to include.

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