Hydration hacks: Super easy tips to help consume more water

Hello beautiful people, welcome to my blog! Today i will be sharing with you all, 5 ways i get myself to consume more water.

Drinking water use to feel like a chore for me, i would rather choose a bottle of soda over water. Not to lie, i was forced into drinking water on learning about the benefits that comes with it; who would not want to have a glowing skin, sharp mind, great digestion?

For me, water is not as boring as i thought it was and i just realized i have been dehydrated all my life as i love and crave water and do not want to go anywhere without my bottle.

If you are having trouble gulping enough water, here are my easy hydration hacks:

  1. Keep a water bottle close- We often do not drink enough water because we do not think about it. In other to avoid going hours without drinking water, it is best we keep a water handy; have a bottle filled up with water close by if your indoor or carry a bottle with you in your bag if you are going out.
  2. Make it part of your existing routine- Try make drinking water a part of your routine and you will easily form a habit of drinking water in no time.
  3. Infuse your water with fruits- Adding fruits to your drinking water makes it tastier and adds extra health benefits to it. Mixing fruit combinations to create detox water improves immunity, energy, digestion and so on.
  4. Mix a part of your favorite drink with water– Doing this will make you more likely to remember to drink water or if you are not totally ready to give up the intake of soda and juice, this is an easy way to lighten up sugary drinks.
  5. Keep your water cold- Keeping your water cold helps you consume more.

Did i miss a hack lovelies? How do you get yourself to drink enough water? Kindly share in the comments area below.

Thanks for reading

XoXo 😘

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