One year BLOG anniversary

A year ago i hit the “publish” button and everything changed. I can not believe how much i’ve learned in just one year (am saying this from the depth of my heart). None of this could actually be possible without your constant support and encouragements. 💕💕💕 There were so many days i wanted to quit, but i didn’t want to be one of those who gave up because it got hard. I had to fight with the “quitting” thought in my head, as a beginner growth is slow i must say, it got hard seeing bloggers in my position growing 20x as fast (just saying my mind,i am human). But my conclusion is; Everyone’s growth is different and hard work is the key! So instead of focusing on what anyone’s doing, i’ll focus on ME, quitting ain’t an option baby….. GO ME💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

13 thoughts on “One year BLOG anniversary

  1. How real can you be darling, been battling with same thoughts but this whole thing changed after reading this…. thanks and congrats


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