How to get rid of strech marks naturally

In the last trimester of my twin pregnancy, i noticed a few strech lines on my bump, i wasn’t really worried because it was just a few like i mentioned earlier…but immediately i was delivered of my babies, poooooom! it covered my whole tummy immediately i began using the tips i’ll be talking about below.

Strech marks can occur when one body size changes such as: puberty, pregnancy, weight gain or loss.Strech marks can be genetical in the sense that if ones mother has strech marks, it’s possible that the child will have them too. If you’ll like to hide them, or at least make them fade, then this post is for you.

I’ll be talking about lemon juice and aspirin mask for strech mark cure.


  • Aspirin (depending on the amount of coverage)
  • Lemon(1)
  • Vitamin E&A capsules (5capsules each)


Get a clean bowl and crush the aspirin into fine powder using a metal spoon, squeeze in the lemon juice without it seeds, add the vitamin A&E capsules to the mix and allow to sit for 5minutes, on noticing everything is well dissolved, stir well till you get a fine paste.

Apply mask on the affected areas and allow to dry, rinse off with warm water and wait till it dries off. After which you’ll apply a moisturizer.
  • I’ll also tell you of the best moisturizer i tried, and guess what? it worked wonders.

A mixture of snake fat and jojoba oil does the magic. scared? No need to be, just try it and send me feedbacks in the comment section

Orentenimi xoxo!

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