Tips on how to treat pimples

Some call it acne, others pimples, spot bla bla bla…they are bad skin problems that we deal with at some point in our lives.

My struggle with pimple began as i attained adolescence. I began handling it the wrong way because i was inexperience as at that time, and that made the breakouts more even.

I will be sharing with you today few but important tips on how to treat or cure pimples that i wish i knew before now.

1. Avoid popping pimples or should i say don’t touch or rub your face with you hands (though we often get tempted to do so, but please don’t), touching pimples only make them inflammed and irritated, moreso the hand tends to get in contact with more bacteria.

2.Wash your face 2-3 times daily, (morning, afternoon, night) using warm water and a mild soap, afterwards pat your face dry with a clean dry towel (washing the face helps remove dirt and excess oil). scrubbing the face with sponge and rough wash clothes is a NO as doing this will irritate your face and cause more pimple.

3. Use good treatments (face mask, pimples cream, exfoliators)

will be sharing with you in my next post DIY face mask for pimple cure.

4. Don’t overload your face with too many products, applying too many stuffs on the face will cause more breakouts, for example applying too much foundation or concealer while treating pimples will clog your pores and make the breakouts even because most of them are oily.

Thanks for visiting , i hope you find these helpful.

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